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A Riverside Feast at The Cross Foxes

On our way to Llangollen the other day, we passed by this lovely pub next to The River Dee, always on the lookout for somewhere new to try, this one caught our attention. After an exhilarating morning of wild white water rafting in Llangollen we decided we needed to refuel and relax at a nice pub on the way home. As The Cross Foxes took … Continue reading A Riverside Feast at The Cross Foxes

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Tasty Tapas at Porta

Chester is a lovely town, steeped in history, interesting architecture, individual shops and a variety of bars and restaurants. Recently, we visited our favourite restaurant in the town. Tucked away next to its parent restaurant, Joseph Benjamin, in a quaint cobbled courtyard is Porta. Let us set the scene… as you meander across the cobbles (careful if wearing heels!) and pass the benches for taking … Continue reading Tasty Tapas at Porta

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Cherry and Almond Cake

Baking is lovely. The process of mixing the raw ingredients, watching the transformation in the oven and finally sharing your delights with loved ones. This weekend I decided to bake a cherry and almond cake for a family birthday. I didn’t have too much time so needed something fairly straightforward but yummy and decided on this. Ingredients 140g whole blanched almonds 240g self raising flour … Continue reading Cherry and Almond Cake

Lunch at The Jervis Arms in Onecote

There’s nothing better than lunch out in a lovely cosy country pub. Most recently we decided to to visit The Jervis Arms in Onecote, Staffordshire. We drove through the beautiful rolling countryside of The Peak District to arrive out our destination. (Photo taken from gallery). The pub is situated in the village of Onecote on the banks of the River Hamps and named after Admiral Jervis … Continue reading Lunch at The Jervis Arms in Onecote

A Lebanese Feast

We, The Fiendish Foodies, enjoy food from all over the world and love creating a variety of dishes of the chosen countries’ cuisine. Lebanese food is definitely up there on our list of favourites! Lebanese cuisine is often meat based, typically lamb or beef served with fresh and fragrant salads consisting of grains and pulses which are highly flavoursome with the addition of lots of … Continue reading A Lebanese Feast

Sourdough bread attempt 2… chapter 5!

So the first attempt at sourdough bread was fairly successful. Good crust and tasted delicious. The only issue was the shape. It rose really well but when it came to turning it out, it lost its structure and spread across the baking tray creating a rather flat loaf. The Fiendish Foodies are always looking at ways to improve so I did some research and tried … Continue reading Sourdough bread attempt 2… chapter 5!

The importance of seasonal eating and a recipe for spatchcocked chicken with chickpeas and asparagusp

Alongside cooking and eating, we,  The Fiendish Foodies are interested in and feel it’s important to discuss all areas relating to food. As mentioned in our introductory post we touched on our own personal issues with food and we have also discussed food waste. Another topic close to our hearts is seasonal eating. We feel that seasonal eating is important for several reasons. Firstly, produce … Continue reading The importance of seasonal eating and a recipe for spatchcocked chicken with chickpeas and asparagusp